Why use memes for marketing?

  • Memes have become the voice of social media today and are at the marketing forefront of many businesses
  • Meme Marketing allows your audience to share a good laugh and feel good about something
  • Memes spread like wildfire!
  • Pakistan’s massive, and fast growing, meme community provides a relatively unexplored opportunity for brands to stand apart, and to reach out to more people, to connect on a deeper level.

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How it works

Discuss your marketing goals with our team, in this phase mention all the details about the campaign.

Our creative meme team will start creating the memes according to your campaign objective.

After generating the memes, we will get the memes posted on different platforms and make the campaign go viral!

After the completion of the campaign, a detailed report will be sent to analyze the success of the campaign.


  • Best meme marketing campaign for Savyour at Pakistan Digital Awards 2022
  • Best memer of the year at Pakistan Digital Awards 2022. Arham imtiaz, founder of Meme Marketing.
  • Best Meme Marketing campaign for foodpanda at Pakistan Digital Awards 2021
  • Award for best social media campaign (Twitter) at Pakistan Digital Awards 2019

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